SkyDrive is coming to Xbox today

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s integrated cloud storage solution that works across Windows, Windows Phone 8, iOS, Android and any browser. It lets you upload and share music, videos and photos as well as keep your files in sync across different PCs. It’s a pretty great product and Microsoft is working constantly to improve it.

Such is the case today when SkyDrive will launch on a brand new platform: the Xbox 360. So now the world’s most popular console will also be able to stream your photos and videos from the cloud so you can enjoy them on your TV.

The main features right now are the ability to stream photos and videos that you have in your SkyDrive or that others have shared with you. A second feature which Microsoft calls Snap and see relates to your Windows Phone. If you have the auto-upload to SkyDrive feature enabled when you take a picture it will show up on your SkyDrive, and now your TV, almost instantly. And last but not least you can play slideshows of your photos on the TV. The app also has Kinect voice support so if you’re not in the mood to use a controller you can just tell the Xbox what to show.

Depending on your physical location you might be able to get the app right now. All you have to do is turn on your Xbox, go to Apps and browse them. You will find SkyDrive under the Social category.

We think this is a great addition and we hope Microsoft continues to improve SkyDrive as it is a really great product. It’s addition to Xbox will only help drive adoption as well as improve functionality and features for the console itself.

Source: Windows BlogImage via Windows Blog

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