Some sections of Kansas City slow to register for Google Fiber

In July, Google announced that residents of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri will soon be able to get 1 Gbps Internet access via the new Google Fiber service. Prices would be $70 a month for the service, or $120 a month for both Internet and TV service.

However, Google also said it would build the service first in the neighborhoods that registered their interest.  People in those neighborhoods needed to spend $10 to simply let Google know they wanted Google Fiber in their part of those cities.

As one might expect, a number of poor neighborhoods in Kansas City have yet to reach those internal Google Fiber goals. In a new update on the Google Fiber blog, Google said it has sent out street teams to reevaluate certain sections of both cities.

The blog states:

We found that, while we’d relied on a variety of sources to determine how many residences were in each fiberhood, the data wasn’t 100% accurate—specifically around vacant lots, abandoned homes and large apartment buildings—and therefore affected our pre-registration goals.

Google has now adjusted the registration goals of 73 of its "fiberhoods" which hopefully will allow those sections of Kansas City reach their Google Fiber numbers. The deadline to register for the service in those neighborhoods is one week from today on September 9th.

Source: Google Fiber blog | Image via Google

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