Some Surface Pro 5 and 6 users are reporting battery degradation issues

Microsoft's Surface Pro lineup is no stranger to having battery issues, going all the way back to 2014's Surface Pro 3. It seems that the Redmond company hasn't quite gotten it right yet though, as some users are reporting battery degradation issues with the Surface Pro 5 and 6 now, according to some posts on Microsoft's Answers forums.

The reports vary in what's actually wrong, but it all adds up to batteries that just aren't working properly. One person said that their device showed 0% battery while on the charger, and that performance was sluggish because of it. Another believes that the battery is down to 30% of its original capacity despite going through only 309 charging cycles, while yet another claims that capacity is at a tenth of its original design after two years and 307 cycles.

Of course, this is a significant issue for devices that really aren't that old. After all, the fifth-generation Surface Pro (now commonly referred to as the Surface Pro 5) was only released in May 2017, making it just over two years old for those that bought it when it was new. The Surface Pro 6 was only announced in October, less than a year ago.

Microsoft has yet to address the issues, but presumably, there will be a firmware update to help mitigate some of the issues. At least some of these devices should be under warranty, and if the past is any indication, the company may end up extending the warranty for those with defective batteries.

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