Some users are reporting that their Surface Pro suffers from narcolepsy

Microsoft's new Surface Pro was finally made available just six days ago, but some early adopters are already finding some issues with the device. According to a number of reports (spotted by Windows Central) in the Microsoft Community and on Reddit, the PC tends to randomly go to sleep while it's actively being used.

In most cases, this is only an annoyance, where the user can simply press the power button to wake the device. Some may find that they've lost their work when this happens though, making the problem more significant.

It's not clear how significant this issue is or what percentage of users it's affecting. There are only about 20 responses in the Microsoft Community, and 39 comments on Reddit, at the time of writing. Of course, we have no idea how many Surface Pros Microsoft has sold within the last six days.

If you're a veteran Surface user, then this incident likely brings a flashback to problems that other devices from Microsoft have had at launch. In fact, the Surface Book and Pro 4 had the exact opposite problem, which was that it would heat up while it was asleep. The Pro 3, on the other hand, had an issue earlier this year where the battery would stop working properly.

Naturally, there will be a firmware update to fix this issue within the coming weeks, although the company is still investigating what might be causing it.

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