Sony to release "The Interview" in theaters on Dec 25 who will play it

Sony Pictures might as well give North Korea the finger, because "The Interview" is being released in theaters despite threats being made against Sony should the movie see the light of day. Originally, Sony Pictures fell victim to a hack that threatened to release confidential data to the public, with vague threats of even greater action being taken against Sony should the company fail to meet the hacker's demands.

After the FBI got involved, it was determined that North Korea was the source of the hack (no surprise there). United States president Barack Obama even put his two cents in on the subject, stating that the security breach on Sony was serious, but that the hack was likely not an act of war.

After speculation on whether Sony would find other avenues to release the movie, which included the idea of releasing it for free via Crackle. To think Sony would have not released this movie would be a bit absurd, given that the film has an estimated cost of $44 million, so it's not hard to think that the movie would have made it onto screens around the world eventually.

Seth Rogen confirmed the news of his upcoming movie seeing a release in theater via Twitter, where Rogen Tweets:

While the movie will be a limited release due to all that has happened leading up to its release, The Interview is getting a huge boost in exposure at no cost to Sony Pictures and is poised to be a strong box office contender come Christmas Day.

Source: MSN Entertainment

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