Speakeasy Offers Free Sony PS2 or Microsoft Xbox

Speakeasy, the nation's largest independent broadband service provider, today announced a promotion that gives new subscribers the choice of a free Sony PlayStation® 2 or Microsoft Xbox™ gaming console with the purchase of DSL service. The promotion runs through Monday, September 30, and is available when ordering one of Speakeasy's broadband gaming packages.

"Speakeasy is continuing to build momentum as the broadband provider of choice for smart people who want to play games online," said Edward Bender, Speakeasy's Director of Online Gaming. "This is by far the most aggressive broadband gaming promotion ever launched within this industry. It's also in keeping with our great history of providing unmatched service to online gaming enthusiasts. We already have seen a huge number of our customers hooking up game consoles to their DSL connections to enjoy awesome broadband gaming through our incredibly fast network access."

Oregon resident and Speakeasy customer Rob Ling said, "High-speed Internet access to me means lag-free gaming over a clean uncongested network. There are very few good broadband ISPs for gamers who play network intensive games such as Counter-Strike™, EverQuest® and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater™. Speakeasy simply does not gamble by over-selling their bandwidth. They provide their customers with the bandwidth they purchased and more -- Speakeasy is the first ISP to put game servers and fast downloads directly into their network."

News source: Speakeasy.net

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