Star Citizen free play event offers over 100 ships to try out

Cloud Imperium Games is hosting another free play event for its space simulation game Star Citizen, as part of the in-game Intergalactic Aerospace Expo for this year. The event is being touted as the one biggest yet, featuring free access to the Persistent Universe and over 100 ships.

Backers of the crowd-funded game will be the first party let through to the Expo beginning at 8AM PST today, November 20. Those coming into the game with free accounts can jump in starting from 2PM PST. The Expo will come to a close on December 2, giving plenty of time for new players to download and try out the in-development title in its entirety.

Those who are interested in joining the annual celebration can download the client here. All accounts will be granted a temporary Origin 100i as a starter ship for the duration of the event. The Expo is occurring at the New Babbage Expo Hall for the first time, a facility that's been newly built just for the festivities.

Existing space fairing vessels, vehicles, weapons, armor, as well as concept designs will be showcased at the hall, with new activities and ships being rotated in and out every 48 hours. Almost everything on display will offer test-flights for free. The complete schedule is found here.

The most recent Alpha update to reach Star Citizen, 3.11.0, brought with it improvements to its planet visuals, an updated inventory system, changes to Armistice Zones, and physics reactions for players and NPCs, among other features.

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