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Star Citizen free fly event is live, giving everyone access to its ships and vehicles

Cloud Imperium Games has just kicked off its yearly, gigantic free-fly event for Star Citizen. The sci-fi sim space title is currently holding the latest version of its Invictus Launch Week event, opening up the experience to anyone without needing to purchase a game package. Catch the trailer for the event above.

While Star Citizen free fly events aren't exactly rare, this particular promotion is special because the studio is offering almost every ship and vehicle available for anyone to try out over the next 12 days, with it ending on May 29.

Star Citizen

Everything from massive capital ships and eerie alien vessels to ground vehicles are fully accessible during this trial period. In-game manufacturing companies are offering players almost their entire catalogs to try out for free, and the selection switches to a new offering every 48 hours. The selection refreshes at 9 AM PT. Check out the image above to see the dates that each manufacturer will be showing their wares off.

The Invictus Launch Week 2954 showcases are happening at the Bevic Convention Center in Area 18, situated on planet ArcCorp. The fastest way a new player can reach the Convention Center is by spawning in Area 18 when starting as a Star Citizen.

This will place them at Adira Falls Apartments, from which new players can head to the plaza, take a shuttle to the Convention Center via the Transit Platform, and finally, follow the signs to the lobby elevators. Existing players coming in from other areas of the solar system can dock (legally) at the Area18 port and follow the same shuttle directions as above.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Invictus Launch Week Free Fly event lasts until May 28. To join, anyone can create an account and download the game by heading here. More details regarding the free-to-play event can be found on the studio's dedicated FAQ page here.

For those who missed it, the crowd-funded game's latest Alpha update, 3.23, landed earlier this month. It brought wildlife, a new character creator, upscaling tech (DLSS and FSR), industrial locations, and plenty more features.

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