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Star Trek Legacy Q/A

Gaming Target has a nice interview with Gary Conti from Mad Doc Software talking about the upcoming Star Trek Legacy RTS game for the PC and Xbox 360. Here is a small part of the interview:
GT: Star Trek: Legacy's gameplay seems to be highly multifaceted. For starters, please tell us about the mechanics of controlling a single ship in Legacy? How much control will the player have over the various aspects of a typical vessel?
Gary Conti: The player will be tasked with controlling their warship in full 3D space. They will exercise control over direction and movement in 3D, targeting and weapons control, warping and communication commands, and discretionary power allocation.
GT: Would you kindly give our readers a sense for Star Trek: Legacy's pacing?
Gary Conti: Pacing can vary greatly between the different missions. Some missions will have the player rolling like a wave of destruction through an enemy infested system, while some will have the player scrambling to defend helpless refugees from a Borg onslaught. Certain missions will focus more on cunning and guile than brute force. True to Star Trek, the player will have to use their brain to assess their tactical situation and choose a style of play appropriately.
GT: Between the depth of Legacy's gameplay and the time periods it stretches across, Legacy looks to be a lengthy endeavor. How long do you think it will take the average player to complete their first play-through? Additionally, what do you feel will have players wanting to run through the game a second time and generally lend replay value to Star Trek: Legacy?
Gary Conti: We look to provide around 15 hours of gameplay in the single player campaign. Part of the beauty of our mission design is that most missions can be completed in different ways – do you want to divide your fleet and lure the enemy out? Or do you want to drive your task force like a spear into the heart of the enemy formation? Both may work out for you. Or it could end in disaster!
Additionally, for all those playing on the Xbox 360, the achievement system we have in place will assuredly warrant more than one play through.
View: Full Q/A @ Gaming Target
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