Starlink satellite Internet service for RVs with 'immediate availability' launched

A Starlink receiver

Starlink is now offering internet from space to large Recreational Vehicles (RV) without putting potential subscribers on any waitlists. The service is nearly identical to the one available for homes and small businesses but has some conditions and limitations.

After offering internet to airline passengers, Starlink is now extending its service to another type of traveler. People who prefer to travel in RVs can have access to high-speed, low-latency internet from space in their motor homes. It is important to note that subscribers may have to own the RVs and might not be able to mount the hardware on a rented mobile home.

Starlink assures internet access, but on an as-needed basis anywhere its satellites can provide active and reliable coverage. Users can pause and reactivate service at any time to accommodate travel schedules. However, service will be charged in full monthly increments. Subscribers cannot opt for pro-rata billing.

Perhaps the biggest limitation of the service is that it cannot be used while the RV is moving. Starlink even warns that attempting to access the internet using the company’s provided hardware while the vehicle is in motion will result in the warranty being voided on the kit.

Access to high-speed internet in remote regions is certainly a privilege. However, subscribers who opt for the service will have to bear with “degraded service and slower speeds in congested areas and during peak hours”. Subscribers can expect service degradation in "waitlist" areas on Starlink’s availability map during high-usage hours.

The service retails for $599 plus $50 shipping and any applicable taxes, and the entire amount must be paid upfront. A monthly subscription costs $135. In comparison, residential users need to pay a $99 deposit while subscribing, and thereafter there’s $110 a month as subscription fees.

It is important to note that cars and pick-up trucks aren’t allowed to mount the Starlink hardware. While safety could be a major concern, there could be regulatory restrictions pertaining to modifications and mountings.

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