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Steve Ballmer: Microsoft will give Apple a good run for their money, nobody else is trying

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer appeared on Bloomberg this morning to share his views on Apple, Amazon, and the Surface Book among other things. In the brief discussion, Ballmer said that Microsoft will give Apple a good run for their money.

Ballmer praised Apple for how it has managed to grow over the years to become the world’s most valuable company. But, he also pointed out that Microsoft is challenging Apple on Mac computer lineup, and iPad tablet lineup.

“Nobody else [except Microsoft and Samsung] is trying to compete with Apple anymore,” said Ballmer. “Who is really going after the Mac? Who is really going after the iPad? You can basically say Microsoft and Samsung.”

He concluded that only Microsoft has a real chance, as similar to Apple, the Redmond-based company is an expert in both hardware and software side of the business. “Microsoft is really the only one which has got both hardware and software capability. If there is going to be any competition at all for Apple, it's coming from Microsoft.”

Another interesting nugget from the short interview was Ballmer’s stance on how he sees the Surface Book. The ex-CEO said that the Surface Book isn’t competing against an iMac or an iPad because it is a whole new category.

“I wouldn't say 'you have to take from the other guy' but you got to at least take the new innovations that are coming. You know a surface book isn't either an iMac or an iPad. It's a new category. it's an innovative category. The truth of the matter is who is going to get to those categories first? Microsoft or Apple. But those are the only companies that have the software and hardware skills.”

Ballmer also took a shot at Amazon, stating that even though many Microsoft employees have left to work at the Seattle-based company, they can be expected to return within a year or two because "it's not a great place to work." You can watch his full interview by hitting the source link below.

Source: Bloomberg | Image via Microsoft

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