Steve Ballmer to address Microsoft CEO Summit May 16th

Some of the biggest names in business are currently in Redmond, Washington this week at Microsoft's offices. They are there for the company's annual CEO Summit. The three day event, which began today, is scheduled to be attended by, among others, Walmart CEO Mike Duke, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, Ford CEO Alan Mulally and others.

This will be the 16th annual CEO Summit held by Microsoft. Altogether, the company will be a host to over 130 CEOs and other leaders of major businesses this week. Even with this high-powered lineup, Microsoft likes to promote the CEO Summit as more of a low key affair, at least as far as the public and news media goes. The company offers up a brief FAQ on the event on its web site which offers a partial list of attendees and activities.

Microsoft's own CEO Steve Ballmer will address the summit in a speech on Wednesday, May 16th. The FAQ page has a very vague description of what Ballmer will talk about:

Periodically, a company will break through with a new product or service and captivate the hearts of the masses. Breaking through repeatedly requires focus coupled with discipline, passion and tenacity. Steve will explore these principles and discuss Microsoft's journey pursuing a new phase of growth.

Image via Microsoft

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