Sun Pushes P2P With New Protocol, Verizon Partnership

Sun CEO Scott McNealy will bring service provider partner Verizon on stage during his keynote at JavaOne on Friday to demonstrate how Juxtapose (JXTA) peer-to-peer technology better enables collaboration between corporate users, Sun executives said.

As part of an effort to push its JXTA technology at JavaOne, Sun announced the release of its enhanced JXTA 2.1 P2P protocol on Tuesday as well as a version of Java 2, Micro Edition (J2ME) that conforms to the JXTA 2.0 protocol, said Juan Carlos Soto, group manager of Sun's Advanced Technologies Group. JXTA 2.0 was released last spring.

As reported earlier by CRN, JXTA 2.1 offers expanded metering and monitoring, a new access control service, JXTA sockets and bi-directional pipes.

Many of the features are aimed at driving more corporate use of the Java collaboration technology, Soto said. The access control service in JXTA 2.1, for example, will enable users to assign access control rights for one peer, whether a desktop or mobile device, so that it can communicate with another peer.

In addition, JXTA 2.1 will make it easier for developers to write applications and services that can be metered and monitored, sources said.

News source: CRN - Sun Pushes P2P With New Protocol, Verizon Partnership

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