TechSpot: Brink GPU & CPU performance review

Splash Damage is no newcomer to the first-person shooter genre having released two Wolfenstein games, Doom 3, and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars in the last decade. With a portfolio comprised of highly-acclaimed titles, we were very excited to hear about the studio's latest creation.

Released just a week ago, Brink is a class-based multiplayer first-person shooter built with a modified version of idTech 4, a game engine developed and licensed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks, the folks behind The Elder Scrolls franchise along with recent iterations of Fallout.

Brink looks to be an exciting, fast-paced first-person shooter. Continue reading to see how the game performs on a dozen current and previous-generation GPUs priced from $100 to $700.

​Read: Brink GPU & CPU performance review

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