TechTV switches from geeks to consumers

Signaling a major shift in focus, cable channel TechTV said Tuesday that it has cancelled roundtable discussion show "Silicon Spin" and halted production of digital music program "AudioFile."

With the programming shake-up, TechTV said it is betting that the future of high-tech cable TV is in consumer-oriented fare, not computer code or controversy. "We're expanding the definition of technology that we cover from computers to technology that's all around you in everyday life," said Greg Drebin, senior vice president and producer for TechTV. "It ('Silicon Spin') was targeted a little more to the industry than our viewers accepted".

TechTV earlier this month announced the debut of two new single-subject half-hours programs, "The Tech Of..." and "Eye Drops". These will premiere in TechTV's prime time lineup the week of 1st April 2002.

    "The Tech Of..." is an engaging series that go behind the scenes of modern life and showcase the technology that makes things tick. Kicking off the series is "The Tech of Food", on Wednesday the 3rd April 2002 @ 9pm Eastern, to be followed by other programs :- "The Tech of a Touchdown", "The Tech of an Indy Car", and "The Tech of a Bomb Squad". (I wonder if they will accept suggestions from their viewers, how about "The Tech of TechTV!". Would be neat to see some of the technology that goes into making such a successful 24 hour TV channel. How about it Patrick and Leo, you've done bits and pieces on this topic, how about a full program on the subject, Ed!)

    "Eye Drops" showcases today's best computer-generated animated shorts. These brilliant pieces demonstrate the power and beauty of technology when placed in the hands of contemporary artists, from highly skilled amateurs to the most high-end professionals. To start off the series we have "It's Alive", the tale of a creature and his ill-fated relationship with his loving pet, which premiere on Friday the 5th April 2002 @ pm eastern.

News source: ZDNet News

View: TechTV main site, and Press Release: TechTV Announces the Debut of Two New Programs

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