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Teen sends 10,000 texts with no messaging plan

It's not uncommon for teenagers to have cell phones as it seems nearly everyone has one these days. When a loving parent gave his teenage daughter a cell phone he thought was doing the right thing.

His daughter managed to send 10,000 text messages and receive about the same amount in one billing cycle. Most of the text messages were sent during school hours which equates to about 300 per day during an 8 hour period.

"She went from A's and B's one semester to F's in two months," and after receiving a $4,756.25 cell phone bill the father took a hammer to his daughters phone and grounded her for the rest of the school year.

It's hard to say who is to blame here; the parents when setting up the phone account asked that text messaging be blocked. Its obvious that the block was never put in place but should have the parents been responsible to check that? Either way Verizon has agreed to knock down the bill to a more reasonable level but the final amount has not been disclosed.

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