Tesla Model S P100D sets 0 to 60mph record of 2.28 seconds

It was bound to happen, but the new Tesla Model S P100D has reached new heights in recent tests where it managed to clock a 0 to 60mph time of 2.28 seconds, setting a new Motor Trend production card record in the process.

The folks over at Motor Trend had the chance to test of the 2017 Model S P100D and it was no disappointment. Like previous models that shattered 0 to 60 times, the new P100D became the fastest Tesla to date, burying an impressive time set previously by the P90D. By popping the vehicle into "Ludicrous" mode, the P100D is able to give the driver an incredible amount of power and torque that is unmatched.

Although Tesla showed off its latest Model S, many are anticipating the arrival of its next release, the Model 3. The Model 3 made its debut early last year and will be one of the first affordable models from the firm. Within its first three days, the Model 3 had received nearly 300,000 pre-orders, but many were concerned that the small company wouldn't be able to meet demand and its production goals.

Source: Motor Trend via Engadget | Tesla Model S image via Tesla

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