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The Anti-Virus Question Answered

A few weeks back, we asked who really needs anti-virus software. Your responses were quite surprising. We posed the question to readers after commenters to another post defended an IT manager who had no security software on his wife's computer. Software developer Brian Kelly expressed sentiments typical of reader responses. "I have not used anti-virus software on Windows for at least the past four to five years, and I have never been infected," he said. "I'm quite a savvy user and just simply avoid places viruses abound. I was never into the P2P thing because I never felt entitled to an asset just because I didn't agree with the content owner's terms (maybe that comes from being an ISV myself)."

Laura Garcia-Manrique, senior product manager for Symantec's Security Business Unit, expressed dismay at some users' cavalier attitudes. "I'd be very curious what kind of user that is," she said. "There are many people who get on a motorcycle without a helmet. That doesn't mean they won't get into an accident, it means they believe they won't get into one." A couple of years back I saw a motorcycle accident that made clear why some bikers wear leather clothes and a helmet. An ambulance racing through an intersection caused a biker to brake hard and lose control. He and the bike slid about 20 meters down the road. The biker's leather jacket and pants offered enough protection that he walked away from the accident and to the ambulance that turned back for him.

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