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The co-founder of DeepMind is joining Google to work on AI and its applications

Google and its parent company Alphabet have been in the news with administrative changes as of late. Just recently, the two founding members of Alphabet Inc., Larry Page and Sergey Brin, stepped down from their positions at Alphabet and announced Sundar Pichai as the new CEO of the company. Now, it seems that there's more activity on the horizon.

The co-founder of DeepMind, Mustafa Suleyman, announced in a tweet today that he will be leaving DeepMind and moving to Google. While both companies, DeepMind and Google, are owned by Alphabet, Suleyman will now be joining Google directly.

Suleyman co-founded DeepMind with Demis Hassabis and Shane Legg. Since then, the research lab has become a renowned name in the world of artificial intelligence. Indeed, last month, one of the biggest Go players retired citing DeepMind's 'invincible' AI player, AlphaGo, as the reason for his retirement.

Though Suleyman hasn't yet announced the position that he will be joining Google in January next year, the tweet shows that he will be continuing work in artificial intelligence alongside the Google AI chief, Jeff Dean, and the SVP of Global Affairs, Kent Walker. The move can be envisioned as Google taking yet another step towards making tangible products using artificial intelligence.

Source: Mustafa Suleyman (Twitter) via 9to5Google

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