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The eight Year One operators of Rainbow Six Siege gets discounted by Ubisoft

The DLC operator unlocking method of Rainbow Six Siege has always been a hot issue within the community. The DLC operators that arrived for the title in the past three years have steep in-game currency costs attached to them, needing real money purchases to avoid the grind.

However, Ubisoft has been slowly making changes to let players gain older operators, that are now years old, in an easier fashion.

The Year One operators of the game - the DLC characters that dropped during 2016 - will soon receive a discount, slashing their prices by 40% in-game. Instead of 25000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits each, players will be able to access the eight affected operators for 15000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits each. The Year One operator bundle carrying all eight will also be discounted by the same amount.

However, the sale isn't permanent, with the price reduction only applying from September 25 at 11am EST until March 4, 2019. So for anyone who's still missing out on Buck, Blackbeard, Capitao, Hibana, Frost, Valkyrie, Caveira, or Echo, this is a great opportunity to start saving up Renown to grab them while the almost six-month-long discount is in effect.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently in its third year of support with the latest content update to hit being Operation Grim Sky. There is still one more major update planned for this year, but we will probably have to wait until 2019 to see if Ubisoft has any plans to continue its support of the tactical shooter for a fourth year.

Source: Ubisoft via PCGamesN

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