The Real Reason Intel Canceled the 2GHz Server Xeon

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Industry sources have revealed that the real reason behind Intel's recently canceled 2GHz Xeon server chip was not due to technical issues, but solely attributable to the poor performance of the MPU. Reportedly OEMs pressured the chip giant to snuff the chip after seeing convincing benchmark results demonstrating that dual 1.2GHz Pentium IIIs soundly and consistently beat dual 2 GHz Xeon servers based on the Willamette core. The Santa Clara CPU company now plans to accelerate the launch of "Prestonia," the 0.13 micron server version of the Pentium 4, into early next year. The first Prestonias are expected to debut at 2.2GHz, the minimum speed necessary, we are told, to reach performance parity with its more established, but much slower-clocked PIII older sibling. Although Intel could easily introduce 1.5 GHz and perhaps even faster Tualatin PIII's, the semiconductor firm has locked its fate with the P4 as it attempts to market megahertz over MIPS.

News source: VansHardware

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