The Tor Project releases Tor Browser 9.0 with several UX improvements

The Tor Project has announced the release of Tor Browser 9.0, the new update brings several updates to the user experience, integrating more features into the browser directly and scrapping the onion button. Additionally, localisation has been improved with support added for the Macedonian and Romanian languages, bringing the total amount of supported languages to 27.

With Tor Browser 9.0, Firefox 68.2.0 is used as the foundation. In order to scrap the onion button that came with old releases, the Tor Project has altered the actual interface of Firefox adding circuit information to the ‘i’ button in the address bar, adding more Tor settings into about:preferences, and including a new identity button in the toolbar and in the menu.

One of the ways that Tor users can be identified by websites is by the size of the browser window. For several releases now, when the user maximises the Tor Browser window a notification would appear warning users not to do that. In order to make things simpler for users, a new feature called letterboxing has been added, this essentially restricts the amount of space a webpage can use; even if the browser is maximised, the user will just see a grey border around the webpage.

In order to get the new update, either download a fresh copy of the browser from the official website or if you have Tor already installed just continue using the browser and it should update automatically.

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