Battlefield V is invading Iwo Jima and Wake Island soon, new Pacific update detailed

During E3 week earlier this year, EA gave out a teaser for the fifth free chapter of updates that will be hitting Battlefield V later in 2019, which would finally introduce the American and Japanese forces to the World War II game as it enters the Pacific War. Today, DICE revealed the chapter, aptly named War in the Pacific, would be beginning on October 31. See its rather long and explosive trailer above.

Alongside the new U.S. Armed Forces and Imperial Japanese Army factions, DICE is introducing two new maps to the game as the chapter progresses, both of which should be familiar to fans of the franchise, as they shipped with the original Battlefield 1942.

Only one of the new maps will be shipping on October 31, that being Iwo Jima with its "wide-open black beaches and close-range environments like the tunnels of the mighty Mount Suribachi." Following this, the familiar Wake Island map is arriving to the game in December.

DICE is giving both Pacific islands a stormy makeover as well, as adverse weather will impact the maps during matches, similar to how the Battlefield 4 map Paracel Storm was affected.

As usual for new chapters, the developer is bringing in weapons such as the Type 100 SMG, M1 Garand, M1919A6, and Type 99 Arisaka, with more guns rolling in as the chapter progresses. As the trailer showed off, katanas and flamethrowers will be available as well, though they will be pickups scattered across the maps.

In the vehicle space, the M4 Sherman and Type 97 tanks, as well as amphibious vehicles, jeeps, dinghies, along with Japanese Zero Fighter and F4U Corsair aircraft, and more are incoming also.

Moreover, the Battlefield V free trials that EA announced earlier this month, giving anyone the chance to try out the shooter during the October weekends, have been extended. There is now an additional free weekend trial happening on November 1 through 4, giving everyone across all platforms access to the full game, including the aforementioned contents of the War in the Pacific update.

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