The unlocked HTC One A9 will finally receive Android Nougat today

When HTC first announced the One A9, it said that the unlocked variant of the handset would receive Android updates within just 15 days of Google releasing them to Nexus devices. Now, almost five months after stating that the company would break that promise, it has confirmed that the unlocked One A9 will finally receive Nougat today.

In fact, HTC only kept that promise once, when it upgraded the handset from Android 6.0 Marshmallow (which is what it shipped with) to 6.0.1, which doesn't even qualify as a minor update. Also, note that the tweet doesn't specify which version of Android Nougat it will be, 7.0 or 7.1.1. It seems likely that it will be 7.0, as that's what's current on the company's flagship 10.

As of January 10, Nougat is still on just 0.7% of all Google Play Android devices, and just 0.2% is running the latest version. In other words, the One A9 will still be one of few devices that have received the update, despite HTC pushing it far later than it originally promised.

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