This app attempts to fix crippled Calendar flyout and clock in Windows 11

The Calendar Flyout app showing agenda and clock with seconds in the calendar flyout on Windows 11

People generally consider Windows 11 a decent upgrade, but many hate that the operating system removed many of the beloved features from Windows 10. For example, the clock on the taskbar does not display seconds, and the calendar flyout is simply dumb (it does not display events from your calendar, nor does it allow creating a new event).

This indie app attempts to fix that inconvenience while Microsoft is busy adding other things to its operating system. It will make our fellow colleague Usama Jawad particularly happy after he expressed his frustration about the botched calendar flyout in Windows 11.

Calendar Flyout will sit in the notification area on the taskbar and let you open the proper flyout with all the missing features. It displays the clock with seconds (you can disable that) and events from your calendar. Besides, you can add new entries to your calendar from the flyout without opening the stock Calendar app. The program also lets you collapse the schedule, leaving only the calendar and the clock.

The Calendar Flyout app showing agenda and clock with seconds in the calendar flyout on Windows 11

Probably the main downside of the Calendar Flyout app is that you cannot invoke it by clicking the standard clock in the notification area. Calendar Flyout uses a dedicated icon in the system tray, so users must re-train their muscle memory to find the needed button.

Another thing to note is some minor inconveniences with non-Microsoft calendars. You need to open the Windows Calendar app to sync events with the Calendar Flyout app. Besides that, Calendar Flyout is a decent attempt to fix what Microsoft shipped with the initial Windows 11 release (and the upcoming 22H2 update).

You can get the Calendar Flyout app from the Microsoft Store for $1.49. There is also a free trial, so users can check the program before buying it.

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