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Three Foxconn employees charged over leaking of iPad 2 design

In the dark days before the iPad 2 announcement the rumour-mill was in full swing, with mockups doing the rounds of the usual tech blogs with even more frequency than usual. These mockups were unusually accurate this time around, thanks to various leaks of case specifications coming out of China and Taiwan. We even had photos of cases for an unreleased iPad 2, all but confirming the size and dimensions of Apple's next wonder-tablet. Apple wasn't happy, and now three Foxconn employees have been charged over the saga.

Several online shopping retailers in China were able to sell iPad 2's protective case products before the iPad 2 was even launched, leading Foxconn to suspect that there might have been some employees leaking the design of iPad 2 which it reported to the local police.

Foxconn is the main supplier of Apple hardware, especially iPhones and iPads - a leak of a new product more than likely originates from within the Foxconn walls. According to DigiTimes three Foxconn employees were arrested way back on Boxing Day, 2010 and they were officially charged with 'violating Foxconn's trade secrets' on March 23rd.

It's clear that Foxconn will want to be seen to be acting on any indiscretions in order to avoid ticking off Apple, with their contract worth huge sums of money. So much so, reports are that Foxconn is looking to invest $12 billion to build a new facility in Brazil with the sole purpose of building products for Apple.

Foxconn won't want to jeopardize such a lucrative partnership.

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