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To our readers: Happy Sysadmin Day!

Yes, we blurred out the "S" word :P

What would the world be without sysadmins? Well first of all, you wouldn't be reading Neowin.net. Chances are you'd have a web browser but nowhere on the Internet to visit! Sysadmins are the glue that keep the computer world together. Remember last week when Neowin was down? If not for Redmak and DaveLegg, we'd still be down! But how often do you think of the poor sysadmins who keep the sites you love running by waking up at 3am to install new hardware and software or fix bugs? The answer is generally, "Only when it's broken."

That's where Sysadmin Day, the last Friday of every July, comes in: While some may find it silly, it's a good tool to show people that a lot of work goes into keeping servers up and running. The holiday covers a wide swath of careers: From UNIX people to desktop support people to application support people, to everything in between, it takes a special type of person to work in the shadows, get no recognition on most days, but get yelled at when something goes wrong.

So what should you do for Sysadmin Day? Anything you want, as long as you recognize the hard work that goes into the job. Walk by your desktop support team and say, "Thanks for cleaning up my malware last week!" Take your server admins out to lunch. Buy your application support folks a new car. Trust us, any token will be appreciated and may even be helpful in moving your request higher in the queue the next time you have an issue.

To that end, we'd like to ask you how Neobond should say thanks to Redmak and DaveLegg, so be sure to answer the poll question!

Source: Sysadmin Day | Cartoon courtesy of XKCD

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