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Toolbar Uninstaller Beta

The Toolbar Uninstaller is a freeware program to get rid of unwanted toolbars that are installed in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Many programs come bundled with a toolbar that gets installed automatically if you don't pay attention during the installation. Even freeware programs come bundled with toolbars. As time progresses, there are now more then 10.000 different toolbars and counting. Toolbar Uninstaller (TbU for short) will be able to find some of them to be able to remove them. At the time of writing, it is only able to detect a handfull of toolbars for both Firefox and Internet Explorer (about 30) and is still in a beta stage.

What's new:

* Added a wait screen for the long progresses (could flash an extra screen)
* Added %opprofile% for easy detection of the opera profile
* Added the icons for Netscape and Opera for future toolbars
* Removed the text "For Internet Explorer" and "For Firefox" for almost every toolbar (toolbars that have a toolbar for more then 1 different browser still have this)
* Removed the update button and replaced it with an options button.
* Added the ability to create a log-file
* Added the ability to create a detailed logfile
* Added the ability to clear the logfile at the start of the program
* Added the ability to check automatically on updates on program start
* added the ability to remove the warnings you get before removing toolbars

Download: Toolbar Uninstaller freeware
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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