Total War Saga: Troy announced for 2020, taking series to the Trojan War

Creative Assembly struck gold with Total War: Three Kingdoms earlier this year, which, while setting player number records, quickly rose to become the franchises' fastest-selling game. And today, setting the main series aside for the moment, the studio officially announced Troy, next entry for its Saga spin-off series that sets its sights on smaller conflicts than whole eras.

Players will be dropping into the 20-year spanning Trojan War in this entry when it releases next year, featuring the familiar combo of turn-based strategy empire management and real-time battles gameplay. Although inspired by Homer’s Iliad, A Total War Saga: Troy will be presenting a more historical experience than a fantasy one.

"Little is precisely known about the real-world events that occurred during the late Bronze Age, with many of its kings, queens, and artifacts lost to the annals of history," added the studio. "As a result, examining the truth behind the myth of Homer’s Iliad has become a key design pillar for A Total War Saga: TROY as we ask the player to explore the truths that might have inspired this most cherished era."

This means even famous mythical creatures like minotaurs are simply costume-laden soldiers. Well-known figures like Achilles and Hector will still be appearing in the game as powerful hero units, with the dueling system from Three Kingdoms also returning with improvements.

Creative Assembly has compiled a handy FAQ page that delves deeper into the game's mechanics and what was the studio aiming for when building it, see it here.

Total War Saga: Troy is coming to PCs sometime in 2020 via Steam. A Windows version will be landing first, shortly followed by macOS and Linux ports.

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