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Tribes: Vengeance producer exits

Chris "Thrax" Mahnken has left the Tribes: Vengeance development team just a few weeks before the game's slated release. Mahnken's departure from the title, published by VU Games, comes on the heels of massive layoffs by the company. Mahnken posted a message on the Tribal War website stating "Just a few short weeks before Tribes will hit the shelves my time has run out. I was given a 90 day extension to stay on at Sierra (the building has been nearly empty for a month now) and finish Tribes. We're now in a great position, ready to ship, and I'm confident that the team in Australia will do a fantastic job finishing the game. It's been a pleasure. I'm tired. I need a rest. As a member of Sierra and the Tribes Development team, goodbye." Tribes: Vengeance is the latest installment of the multiplayer action title for the PC. It is scheduled for release on October 12.

News source: GameSpot

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