Twitter looks set to return to Windows Live

If you’re a Windows Live user you may still be mourning the loss of integrated Twitter support that was so cruelly snatched away over a year ago, following changes to Twitter’s usage terms. Well, wipe those tears away and weep no more, as Twitter support for Windows Live users appears set to return. has pieced together a series of clues that point to the service being reinstated.

One example comes from Windows Phone. It’s no secret that Twitter will be heavily integrated into the next update to the Windows Phone platform, currently known as ‘Mango’. A beta version of Mango was released to testers and developers last week and within the beta, attempting to setup Twitter (through the OS rather than through the Twitter app) displays a dialogue screen stating, “to add Twitter on your phone, you’ll need to connect to it to your Windows Live account”.

Regular Windows Live users know that many services can be connected to it, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, and that the Mango dialogue certainly seems to suggest that Twitter will soon be re-added to that list. also points to a tweet from CNET blogger Manan Kakkar, who was told at the Mango press event that Twitter will indeed “make a come back [sic] to Windows Live (web) with Mango”, indicating that Twitter’s return to Windows Live will coincide with Mango’s official release.

Many questions remain about what range of Twitter features might be included in Windows Live and how well it will be baked into Windows Phone (Twitter integration doesn’t yet work on current Mango builds). For now, though, those of you who have suffered so many long, tweetless days without Twitter built into Windows Live, hang in there… it looks like your wait is almost over.

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