Two days after pre-orders began, HP's Elite x3 is now out of stock on its US site

On Monday, HP opened pre-orders for its new Windows 10 Mobile flagship on its US site. The Elite x3 is priced at $799, which includes the Desk Dock accessory that allows owners to use a mouse and keyboard with the device, when connected to a larger display.

Today, just two days later, the device is already out of stock on

Of course, it's best not to read too much into that. For example, it would be a little optimistic to believe that the Elite x3 has been a roaring sales success just because it's apparently sold out - after all, we have no idea of knowing exactly how many devices it had in stock to begin with.

Indeed, it's also worth remembering that the Elite x3's launch has already been marred by modest delays. In the UK, for example, it was supposed to be released on August 18, before that was pushed back to August 22, and then September 6 (although it actually began shipping on August 31 in the end).

In the US too, the Microsoft Store opened pre-orders last month, promising that deliveries would begin on September 12, but on Monday, it revealed that shipments would not start until September 26.

While the Elite x3 is now sold out on, it remains available to pre-order via the Microsoft Store.

Source: via Windows Central

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