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Two New Sockets For Nehalem in 2008

Thanks NI3NOR for the heads up on the following report, posted in Neowins own member submitted Back Page News.

Intel is going to implement 2 new sockets for the next generation Nehalem architecture in 2008 and they are Socket B and Socket H. As we know, Nehalem is 45nm based and we are going to see some exciting changes such as IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) and CSI.

Socket B will be LGA1366 and Socket H will be LGA715. The reason why Socket B has so many more contact pads is pretty obvious. It is due to the IMC on the Nehalem CPU. Since there is a Socket H version as well, we can expect there will be another Nehalem based CPUs without IMC.

News source: VR-Zone

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