UK users will no longer be able to send money to friends through Google Pay

Last year, Google brought Google Wallet and Android Pay into a new solution called Google Pay, and later announced that it would be merging features from Google Pay Send into the main app. That meant that, in the U.S., users could use the Google Pay app to send and request money from friends.

The feature was also made available for users in the UK, but only through the web version of Google Pay. Now, according to a report by Engadget, that's going away too. Google is sending out emails to its users in the UK, letting them know that, starting on September 6, they'll no longer be able to use peer-to-peer payments to send money to their friends. However, they'll still be able to use their payment credentials to make purchases with Google.

In the email, Google asks that users transfer their remaining Google Pay balance to their bank account should they have any. It also seems that the change is aligned with a shift in the entity that's responsible for Google Payments in the region, which will be Google Ireland Limited, rather than Google Payments Limited.

The fact that the feature was only available on the web meant that it was likely not as convenient as other similar solutions, so it makes some sense that Google is shutting it down.

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