Unlimited OneDrive storage starts rolling out for Office 365 users

Microsoft has made a bold move and announced that anyone who has an Office 365 subscription will receive unlimited OneDrive storage. This is a big move for Microsoft as it allows you to truly use OneDrive to backup all of your content without the fear of running out of space.

If you have a subscription to the Office 365 service, you should be receiving an email very soon-- if you have not already-- informing that you now have additional storage. We say additional storage because it looks like Microsoft is bumping all accounts up to 10TB at first as they rollout the additional storage.

This move is likely done to allow Microsoft to correctly prepare their servers for the storage requirements. In the meantime, 10TB is still a lot of space. While technically not unlimited, for most users, filling up 10TB of storage will take a very long time.

The OneDrive and Office 365 package offers a lot of value when compared to competing services. For example, Dropbox charges $99 a year for 1TB of storage whereas Microsoft charges roughly $65 (prices vary by vendor) for the basic Office 365 subscription that gets you Office and unlimited cloud storage.

This roll-out of OneDrive storage comes closely following the news that Microsoft is making all Office apps free on mobile devices and no longer requires an Office 365 subscription for consumers.

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