Unreal: Operation Na Pali

Team Vortex is working on a cool singleplayer missionpack for Unreal Tournament called Unreal: Operation Na Pali

The Vortex Rikers II is flying trough space and gets a radio signal from NaPali, the planet Vortex Rikers has crashed on a year before. The signal came from a group of three men from the old crew, who survived a year on this strange planet. The ship heads over to NaPali to rescue them. They know about where they are, but because of the tyridium on the planet they cannot land the ship because it would interfere with the scanners and the ship would crash. That explains the amount of 6 or 7 crashed ships on this planet. So they let down one guy. He (you) must find the others and lead them to the startpoint. You send up a signal and the ship comes to rescue you. Sounds easy, but unfortunately you will be stunned by a snipering Skaarj, short after the mothership left and they have destroyed all your equipment. Now you are in a prison cell, you don't know where on this planet you are and your only chance to survive, to send up a signal to the ship, is to find the old Vortex Rikers and hope that the communication tool still works.

On you journey you will visit a FireGodTemple, some Nalivillages, a castle, another Gardenership of the Mercenaries, some other parts of the Skaarjmines of Rrajigar, another skytown and of course the Vortex Rikers. The main character will talk and give some hints to the player.

Another small feature is that you dont have to change your weapon all the time, not to waste ammo when destroying wooden crates. You just have to touch them to kick 'em with your foot and they will break apart. Its a good feeling and one of the problems in previous Unreal Singleplayer projects is fixed.

A cool feature are the friendly creatures (some Nali and all Mercenarys). They follow you thru the game and help you killing your opponents.

Another feature, when you escape from a Skaarj base you control a shuttle and steer it thru canyons and caves!

News source: Team Vortex

Download: Version 102 of the demo

Screenshot: >> Click here

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