UnrealIRCd Strategy Change, Forking InspIRCd

Unreal3.2.7 will be released on 14th July 2007 - marking 8 years since the first UnrealIRCd release. With this, we've decided to do a rather big change in strategy. Fact is, the Unreal3 code base has gone stale and is not suitable to service your IRC networks for 8 more years.

We've been working to improve this code base but run into serious issues constantly due to old code laying about and design decisions in the past by previous coders that has locked us into an IRCd that can hardly evolve.

In light of this, and through that people have worked on a IRCd from scratch, in C++ - InspIRCd. InspIRCd was made by people who initially used Unreal, but foresaw that something radical was needed to fix the IRCd code base so many IRCds share.

InspIRCd was partly inspired by Unreal and this means that it will be easier for us to move on to the logical step - we're forking InspIRCd (through a tight cooperation with them), to give you Unreal4.0. For more information on the new core, see https://www.inspircd.org - any documents dealing with module coding, server protocol, etc, works for Unreal4 too - as we will be the project that extends from bare (InspIRCd) to colourful and featureful (UnrealIRCd) and the goal is to be able to move modules from Unreal to InspIRCd without problems.

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