Upcoming Skype iPad app shown in video

A video showing off an unreleased Skype app for Apple's iPad was released on YouTube today by Skype itself. However the video was apparently not yet ready for prime time and Skype pulled it off its YouTube channel. But the damage has been done as another person, who goes by the YouTube name "razorianFly" managed to copy the leaked video and reposted it on his YouTube channel.

The video (which you can see below and doesn't contain any sound) shows off some of the features of the upcoming Skype iPad app. They include being able to see all of your Skype friends via the user interface. Users will be able to use the touch screen to scrolls through your friends and tap onto one of them to call them with Skype's video phone features. You will also be able to text chat and dial directly from the app's interface.

While Skype has had an app for Apple's iPhone product for the past two years, it has yet to release a native app that works especially for the iPad. This is similar to Facebook's stance. The social networking site has also yet to release an app that uses the iPad natively although one is apparently getting closer to release. It seems that iPad users will soon be getting two long awaited and long needed apps from two of the Internet's biggest companies.

As we have reported before, Skype is set to be acquired by Microsoft in the very near future. The acquisition was announced last May for $8.5 billion. Microsoft has already pledged to support Skype on non-Microsoft made products and services.

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