Valve quietly introduces accessories and skins for its Steam Controller

The Aperture Lab skin

Valve’s Steam controller never took the world by storm, but the accessory does have its fair share of fans and enthusiasts. And Valve is catering to those loyal followers by quietly introducing a number of skins and accessories for its devices.

Last night, Valve quietly introduced a number of stick-on skins for its controllers, available for $10, though currently reduced to $7. Among the skins introduced, there are a number catering to Counter Strike fans with blue, gray and blue/orange camo designs. There’s also an Aperture Science skin to go along for those who do what they must because they can. The new Counter Strike skins also extend to Steam’s Link box, to make sure you have a coherent theme for your gaming rig.

The CS:GO blue camo skin on the Steam Link

Besides skins, Valve now also offers a number of accessories designed for the Steam Controller. There’s a carrying case for gamers on the move, a wireless receiver and an extender. There’s also a custom battery door available which even has a specially designed holding spot for your wireless receiver.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that all the accessories are also available in bundles for those looking to buy the lot, and that all the items are currently discounted 30% to celebrate their launch. If any of these sound like something you’d want, this might be a good time to purchase the items by hitting up the source link.

Source: Steam Via: PCGamer

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