Valve reveals official Gold-date estimate for Half-Life 2

In an interview with HomeLAN Fed, Gabe Newell, head of Valve Software, has given the first official estimate of when their 'marvel-in-the-making' game Half-Life 2 will go Gold, and be shipped in a finished state to publishers Vivendi and released for preloading on Valve's content delivery system, Steam.

HomeLAN - Finally, we have to ask; how is Half-Life 2 coming along?

Gabe Newell - Good. It's in great shape. We anticipate delivering it to Vivendi in August.

The time from Gold to release is usually two or three weeks, which will provide ample time for users to download enough of the game through Steam to start playing when it hits the streets and is unlocked on Steam simultaneously worldwide. By fansite's estimates, this will mean we will be playing the game within three months.

The interview was also with Tim Bruns, managing director of Nuclearvision, creators of the fan-made Half-Life 2 jump & run shooter Codename: Gordon that was distributed through Steam last month.

News source: HomeLAN Fed interview | | Nuclearvision Entertainment | Steam | VALVe Software

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