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Half-Life 1: Ray Traced mod makes Valve's first game look moody and creepy

Half-Life Ray Traced adds new lighting effects

Adding ray-tracing lighting effects to older games can sometimes turn them into all-new experiences. That definitely seems to be the case for the newly released mod Half-Life 1: Ray Traced. The mod from developer "sultim_t" is now available to download from GitHub (via PC Gamer).

While this mod doesn't replace Half-Life's textures and graphics, as the famed Black Mesa remake did, the more advanced lighting and visual effects that come from ray tracing still give this nearly 25-year-old game (wow, we are old) a revamped look. The light effects in the game's corridors make Half-Life's zombie-like monsters look even more creepy when they walk through the light beams and shadows.

Even Half-Life's outdoor sequences get some nice sunlight effects with the ray tracing mod, while the game's energy weapons now have some great enhanced visual effects on the surrounding levels. If your gaming PC has a graphics card that can handle ray tracing effects, you can download the mod files from sultim_t's GitHub page, install them where you installed your Half-Life files, and then run the included ash3d.exe file. There are also optional files to run the mode with DLSS enabled.

Source: GitHub via PC Gamer

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