Video: Windows Phone 7 and Zune PC software sync

PocketNow have released yet another video showing some of the features of Windows Phone 7. In the latest video Brandon Miniman shows how Windows Phone 7 devices will connect to the Zune PC software and some of the features this partnership has.

For those of you who have a Zune the software treats a Windows Phone in the same way, however for most people this connection will be new. The Zune software is the only way to transfer music, movies, photos and podcasts from a computer to a Windows Phone (without using the cloud).

To transfer any of the files to a Windows Phone 7 device the file can either be dragged down to the phone icon in the bottom left of the screen or by right clicking on the item and selecting “sync to [device name]”. As with Zune devices it is possible to sync a Windows Phone with the Zune software either by plugging the phone into the PC or by using wireless sync across one’s home network. In the video the wireless sync functionality doesn’t appear to be working, but this will be working when the devices are launched.

The Zune software will also be used to update the Windows Phone 7 devices when there are large updates to download and install. The phones will be able to download and install small updates over the air. It will also be possible to browse all the apps that are available for Windows Phone 7 within the Zune PC software; it is thought it will also be possible to buy the apps using the software.

The version of Zune that will be required to sync a Windows Phone 7 device with a PC will be 4.7 (the 7 is thought to have been used because of the 7 in the new version of Windows Phone). Zune 4.7 has a few other minor improvements (other than support for Windows Phone 7) including better navigation options for browsing photos.

Microsoft have not yet announced when Windows Phone 7 or Zune PC software 4.7 will be available. Neowin reported earlier this week that Microsoft is to hold a special event in London in October which Steve Ballmer will keynote and it is speculated that this might be a Windows Phone 7 related announcement. It is hoped by many that Microsoft will also announce the full availability of Zune around the world soon, currently it is US only.

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