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VisionTek : Going...going...GONE!

Thanks Pogue106 for this.. While VisionTek experienced some problems earlier this year with financial debt, it was thought that all was going well for this U.S. based company from Northern Illinois. We have come to find out this weekend that all is far from well at one of our fave VidCard builders. It seems as though VisionTek is in utter financial shambles and a trustee has been appointed to come in and liquidate all the assets of the company.

Bankruptcy no. Foreclosure yes. It is understood that the trustee is there in order to recoup as much money from the current VisionTek assets in order to pay back dept to the bank(s) with interest in this matter. So what is seems will happen is that VisionTek will simply cease to exist.

VisionTek was currently in motion to move it's manufacturing to either China or Taiwan in order to cut costs associated with its products. VisionTek has also been currently diversifying their product lines to include non-VidCard related items. All seemed to be looking up for VisionTek. While this information does come from a very credible source even the information they had was a bit slim, but it was not ruled out that improper business practices was something that put the last nail in the coffin.

With VisionTek simply vanishing, this leaves a huge gap for NVIDIA to fill. VisionTek was the number one retailer of NVIDIA based VidCards in North America. Hercules has moved to ATi products, Creative is gone for NVIDIA as well with the purchase of 3dLabs, and Elsa's (which is now bankrupt) top-end VidCards were built by VisionTek anyway.

News source: [H]ard|OCP

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