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Vivaldi power browser adds resizable tab tiling in latest snapshot

The team responsible for the power user-oriented browser, Vivaldi, has just released a new snapshot which introduces resizable tab tiling. While tab tiling already exists in the browser, users have been frequently requesting the ability to resize the tiles, and as a browser that prides itself on being ultra-customisable, the team added in the feature.

Discussing the new feature, Ruarí Ødegaard said:

“While many of you know and love the feature, a very frequent request has been to add the ability to resize the tiles. From today, the tile separators can be moved (via a click and mouse drag), to make optimum use of your screen estate. Better yet, your adjusted layout will be remembered between restarts.”

In order to try out the feature you must be running Snapshot 1.16.1230.3 and to activate it just right click on a Tab Stack and then select “Tile Tab Stack”. You can use the layout button in the status bar to switch between different layout. Aside from invoking the tile view from the tab stack, you can also hold down “Shift” or “Ctrl/⌘” and click to select the tabs you want to include and then right click and choose to tile the tabs.

In addition, this release also includes keyboard shortcuts for moving tabs around, on Windows and Linux hold Ctrl + Shift and press page up or page down, on Mac the command is “⌘+⇧ Shift+↑/↓”, according to the blog post. You can change these shortcuts by going to Tools, Settings, Keyboard.

Let us know below in the comments whether or not you use Vivaldi for your browsing.

Images via Vivaldi

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