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Warez And Big Brother Will See You

Stop, hold the presses! The RIAA is not the evil spying corporation that we've been reading about the past year.

No contrary to popular belief it is not the RIAA who employee techs to spy on naughty people downloading copyrighted material, it's Bay TSP. Bay TSP is a comprehensive, automated 24x7 surveillance operating with worldwide coverage of:

  • Websites

  • All major P2P networks

  • 65,000+ newsgroups

  • FTP sites

  • IRC

  • Auction/retail sites
The RIAA/MPAA are clients of Bay TSP who collect all the data and work out exactly what pirated movie or software application is popular each month and whom is downloading it.

According to Bay TSP last month, The Interpreter was the most popular movie after being downloaded 50,336 times, shortly followed by The Skeleton Key at 47, 348. Interestingly the most pirated software was SUSE Linux 9.0 at 78, 159 copies followed by Acrobat 7 at 43, 803.

The data is comprehensive pinpointing the peak time of day, average shared files per user and how this varies across different methods of sharing files. It's impressive that this kind of data can be extracted from file sharing networks, IRC and newsgroups to name a few but is it stopping piracy? You have to wonder whether said data is being collected until such a time when the companies have more power to act against those who pirate copyrighted materials.

View: Bay TSP

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