Weird Windows 8 apps? We found some.

Earlier this week, we pointed out the top 10 paid and top 10 free Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store. However, with the number of apps in the store climbing up, there are more than a few Windows 8 apps that are, for want of a better world, weird. Here are just a few of the Windows 8 apps that caught our attention.

Nyan Cat The Game

This free and simple platformer game is perfect for those of you who want to keep that annoying charming Nyan Cat meme going and going and going. Enjoy!

Click on Me

This app just wants you to click on it and see how many times you can do it in 30 seconds. That's it. This has to be the simplest interactive game we have ever encountered.

Telekinesis Test

Can you control a Windows 8 app with just your thoughts? This app generates random numbers and the idea is that you are supposed to use your mind to influence more numbers on either the 0 or 1 side. Yeah, we are skeptical, too.


PSY, the man who brought us Gangnam Style, has a Twitter account. If you only care about Tweets from PSY and don't want to use MetroTwit or Tweetro+, this app collects the man's Tweets for you. So there's that.

Hypnotoad timer

The creature from the animated TV series Futurama is the center of this unofficial app that lets people set a timer that, when it reaches zero, activates the Hypnotoad. What happens next ... well, actually we don't really remember...except, ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD!

This is obviously just a small sampling. If you find some Windows 8 apps that you think are off the beaten path, let us know about them and we may post them in a future feature.

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