What Hollywood Wants to Do To P2P Users

Thank you kindly Joe for mailing me this interesting piece concerning all those P2P users out there.

From Freedom To Tinker: The written version of Randy Saaf's testimony at yesterday's(9/26) Berman-Coble hearings is now available. It is longer than his oral statement and answers a key technical question.

Saaf runs a company called Media Defender (MD) that tries to disrupt p2p networks on the behalf of copyright holders. All of the speakers at the hearings agree that the steps that MD uses now are legal. The key question was this: What do MD and Hollywood want to do that would be legalized by Berman-Coble?

The only example that anybody could give was a method that Saaf (misleadingly) calls "interdiction." He gave a vague description of it yesterday, and I wrote that it "sounds to me like a classic denial of service attack."

View: Written Testimony for the Oversight Hearing on "Piracy of Intellectual Property on Peer-to-Peer Networks"

News source: Freedom to Tinker

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