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What's new in Windows 10 Technical Preview 3

Late last night Microsoft unveiled a third Windows 10 Technical Preview, now at build 9879.

Unlike the previous build 9860 update for the first Technical Preview, it's now possible to download an ISO of build 9879 which is a welcome change over the previous update that required an upgrade through PC settings.

But what's new in this build?

Neowin member Studio384, has been tracking all of the release information as well as the latest compiled builds which now stands at 9885 at the time of writing on his personal website, which you can check out here.

Now for the changes that have been noted thus far:


  • You can now disable the search and taskview button
  • The action center has been placed in the notification area
  • Favorite folders can now be pinned to Home in File Explorer
  • Animations have been refined
  • More icons have been replaced with new icons
  • OneDrive now uses selective sync
  • New battery indicator


  • Touch gestures on a touchpad are now build in and universal across all Windows devices
  • Improvements to multi monitor support have been made
  • MKV support has been improved
  • "System compression" has been added to Disk Cleanup as a new option


  • The 3 dots-icon has been replaced with a hamburger menu icon, works the same
  • Dialogs in WinRT are now windowed

Internet Explorer

  • A feedback icon has been added next to options prominent in the interface
  • Extended standard and API support
    • Support for Content Security Policy
    • GamePad API support is returned
    • CSS Transforms - preserve-3d support
    • JS Arrow function
    • JS iterators
    • JS Symbols
    • Media Queries Level 4: Interaction Media Features
    • Selection API support
    • ES6 Object Literal Enhancements
    • ES6 Promises
    • WAV Audio Support
    • ES6 Built-ins
      • Math
      • Number
      • String
      • Object
      • RegExp
    • ES6 Classes
    • ES6 Spread
    • ES6 Template Strings
  • Experimental Features Dashboard
  • The User Agent String has been altered
  • Edge has been added
A feedback option was added to IE 11 in build 9879


  • Insider Hub
    • Insider Hub has been added as a new app, news portal for Windows Insiders
  • OneDrive
    • OneDrive has been removed as an app
  • Search
    • You can now pin the search app to the taskbar and start screen
  • PC Settings
    • Storage Sense has been added to the main menu
    • You can now back-up settings to OneDrive (not the same as sync)
  • Windows Feedback
    • Feedback can be sorted on trending, number of "Me Too" and most recent
    • The apps will take you back to the category after posting a feedback
    • Bugfixes when searching
    • Screenshot button is now easier to find
  • zPC Settings
    • Some panels have been updated
    • You can now change your background through this app
    • Under "Privacy", Cortana options have been added

If you have noted other changes that haven't been spotted yet, let us know in the comments below or in the forum thread for this build.

Source: Studio384's Windows 10 Changelog

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