Windows 10: Transparency coming to future builds for the Start menu

Microsoft showed off quite a few new features last week with the Windows 10, but not all of them made their way into the public release that went out on Friday. One of the features not directly talked about – but that you can clearly see in the image above – is a Start menu with transparency.

The transparency does add a bit of visual flair to the menu, and we suspect that it will be an option that you can turn off and on when it does arrive. With a darker background and properly sorted tiles, the Start menu looks much better than what most users have currently in 9926.

If you look closely, you will also notice the expand button is slightly different than what is shipping with 9926, but we wouldn't get too caught up in this, as the build being shown in the demo was likely a branch specifically for the Xbox features. Also, we did see the transparent Start menu show up in a few other places during our time at the Windows 10 event and fully expect it to show up in the final build of the platform.

We have been covering all of the new features that shipped with the latest build of Windows 10, and if you need a refresher, you can check all of our coverage here. If you happen to find something that we have not covered yet, make sure to send us a tip. Or, if you are having issues with your install, you can get help in our forums here.

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