Windows 7 surpasses Snow Leopard in under two weeks

In only two weeks since the official commercial launch of Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7 has managed to surpass Apple's Snow Leopard market share. Snow Leopard has been on the market for three months while Windows 7 has only been on the market for two weeks.

Microsoft still stands dominant in the market share, holding strong at 92.52% of all computers in October, compared to Mac OS X with 5.27%, Linux with 0.96% and 1.25% with other operating systems.

Windows 7 managed to surpass Snow Leopard's market share (1.17%); Windows 7 managed to grab 2.15% of the market share, where Vista shows 18.83% and Windows XP with 70.48%.

In the weeks leadng up to this holiday season, sales for Windows 7 are sure to climb higher; Windows 7 has already exceeded Windows Vista in the first two weeks of their launch by 234%.

Image Credit: Arstechnica

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